Stucked in a crazy slowest Internet? No worries! We almost covered your internet

Apple Net now in your area  We are at your side to ensure high speed internet service through optical fiber cable. Enjoy a buffer less YouTube or television viewing experience from any device with great offers and discounts on new connection offers, budget friendly internet packages. Download all new movies instantly from our BDX movie server or switch to Apple Net, the best internet service provider in your area.

Don't Suffer The Buffer, Get Super Fast Apple Net Broadband Connection

Apple Net is a home and corporate broadband internet service provider that has been operating for over 7 years. We have gained excellent reputation in these years among clients by providing uncompromising quality and committed service. The Apple Net Broadband Service Network Is Spread Across All The ANKLESHWAR GIDC It Is Present In And Is Constantly Expanding To Cover More And More Areas Within The City. Our Engineers, Their Role Is To Install Our Services At Customer Locations In Their Area And Service The Network Of That Area As Well As Get Operators Within Their Area Of Operations. Our Enterprise Division Provides IP-Based Secure, Flexible, Robust & Best In Class Enterprise Solutions To Corporate As Well As Other ISPs.

Exciting features

Join now and enjoy the exciting features from Apple Net

Unlimited Package

We have unlimited monthly package with reasonable service charge.

Friendly Employee

We have professional & friendly employee working on Apple Net.

Stable Connection

Super strong & stable internet connectivity with no downtime.

Multiple Upstream

Apple Net pass the request to more than one upstream server.

Fiber Optic Network

With our fiber-optic network, you can get a fast internet connection.

Customer Support

We provide our customers advice to gain maximum benefit.

in your area Switch to the best internet provider Few Great Reasons Make You Choice Apple Net Broadband Internet Network

Installation and Setup

Only 1 Hours by Order


Minimum Problem

Fast & Reliable Network

its Really Super Fast


Gbps Connectivity

Fully FTTH Network

Hug Data Server

Unlimited Download

Without limit

24/7 Support

Support You On time

Unlimited Upload

Without limit

With Apple Net Start your internet journey

Apple Net’s pricing plans are flexible. we offers competitive rates and pricing plans to help you find one that fits your needs and budget. All Pakage come with High Speed BDIX, Bufferless Youtube, Facebook & Torrent Download

8 Mbps

500 BDT Monthly
  • Unlimited Download Internet Plan
  • 5 Mbps Minimum Speed
  • 8 Mbps Maximum Speed
  • Youtube Speed: 50 Mbps*
  • FTP: 50 Mbps*
  • BDIX Speed: 50 Mbps*
  • Public IPv4: N/A
  • IPv6: Yes

40 Mbps

1000 BDT Monthly
  • Unlimited Download Internet Plan
  • 12 Mbps Minimum Speed
  • 40 Mbps Maximum Speed
  • Youtube Speed: Limitless*
  • FTP: 100 Mbps*
  • BDIX Speed: 100 Mbps*
  • Public IPv4: Yes
  • IPv6: Yes

80 Mbps

2000 BDT Monthly
  • Unlimited Download Internet Plan
  • 25 Mbps Minimum Speed
  • 80 Mbps Maximum Speed
  • Youtube Speed: Limitless*
  • FTP: 100 Mbps*
  • BDIX Speed: 100 Mbps*
  • Public IPv4: Yes
  • IPv6: Yes